Statutory audits of financial statements are a legal requirement for every limited company incorporated in Hong Kong. We provide value added audit service to client’s company in which WE report independently to its shareholders by reflecting its operating result and financial position of the company in its financial statements.

These audit services which we offer not only does the annual audit, but also interim audit and other special categories of audit services for a variety of different purposes at the clients’ requests. Indeed, the scope is so wide and the examples include merger or acquisition purpose in small-medium enterprises, granting the loans financing from financial institutions, limited review report such as ISRE 2400 and special purpose report such as ISRS 4400 categories of immigration purpose to Australia.

In terms of client’s operation, we also would review and assess the internal controls of client’s business and then highlight those weaknesses and risky areas in which fraud or irregularities are more likely to arise. Ultimately, we will report those to management and suggest these feasible solutions for improvements.