Payroll Services

Payroll Services


We have extensive experience and are specialised in providing HR and payroll services to clients in particular the SMEs. In Hong Kong, the costs of manpower and staff recruitment have been increasingly escalating over the recent years. In order to stay competitive and survive in the market, cost optimization is the right choice. Therefore, it is ideal to outsource the payroll functions to professional firms which has the extensive experience in this regard, and the company’s staff and personnel ought to focus on its profit-generating activities such as sales, products and services promotion.



We help to update your staff working record and roster – keeping the staff’s working and attendance record.



We record your staff working plan and roster – keeping the staff’s working and attendance record to work out the details of salary and leave pay under the labour law of Hong Kong and according to the employment contract made.



We help client to liaise with the major MPF administrators such as Manulife, Sun Life Financial, HSBC, etc, to set up the MPF account, and arrange the month MPF contribution settlement. In the long run, the client can save significant manpower and costs in the payroll and related administration and issues.