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Hong Kong Company Formation / Offshore Company Formation Services

The Hong Kong company formation is the most advantageous vehicle used to protect the interest of the company’s owners. When Hong Kong company / offshore company owner fails to run the business and results in incurring a huge loss, this Hong Kong company / offshore company owner concern is not personally liable. In short, the Hong Kong company’s owners are NOT required to bear the huge loss even if the Hong Kong company / offshore company eventually goes to liquidate.

With effect from February 2004, a Hong Kong company formation needs at least to have one shareholder and one director. In other words, to this Hong Kong company formation process,  the same person can be appointed to fulfill both posts, the Hong Kong company must appoint either a resident individual or resident company to be the Hong Kong Company Secretary. We can act as the new Hong Kong company secretary for our clients if they cannot appoint an ideal Hong Kong resident individual / resident company for such a Hong Kong company.

To Hong Kong Limited company formation, it should have a Hong Kong registered office reported to the government, we can provide an address to this Hong Kong company to be its registered address for the purpose of receiving government letters, tax returns and bank statements and so on. There are two categories of Hong Kong limited company with shares for selection, namely they are tailor-made and off-shelf Hong Kong company formation respectively. The tailor-made Hong Kong company formation takes 2 to 3 weeks whereas the off-shelf Hong Kong company takes 2-4 days to complete its incorporation.

For the category of tailor-made Hong Kong company formation, you may choose the ideal name you want and then send to us. We will perform a name search to see whether your preferred name is ready for the purpose of a new Hong Kong company formation.

For off-shelf Hong Kong company formation, we can provide the name of the off-shelf company formation from our computer database system below.


Select Hong Kong Shelf Company Click here to download the Hong Kong Company name list
Select the Overseas Company Click here to download the BVI Company name list


Many investors select the Hong Kong company as their holding company to achieve different aims and purposes. They include the tax planning purpose, listing purposes, fund repatriation purpose and so on. Currently, Hong Kong government has been signing a lot of double tax agreements with many countries. As a consequence, Hong Kong company can be used to enjoy different tax benefits.

In the cost perspective, both the formation costs and  annual maintenance costs are relatively low, flow of fund faces no resistance there, the bank account opening process of the Hong Kong company is relatively simple and straightforward. In summarizing the above advantages, many worldwide investors are attracted to set up Hong Kongcompany to carry on their business in Asia.

Hong Kong company formation/ offshore company formation is a relatively efficient vehicle to achieve different purposes to group companies. In particular, many multi-national companies also prefer to form Hong Kong company as their subsidiary and even move their head-offices into Asia or even into Hong Kong. For the sake of simplicity, Hong Kong company brings a lot of advantages to investors such as cost saving, time saving and its simple formality in company formation process. So the formation of Hong Kong company is an ideal choice for overseas investors.

Among many Asian countries and regions, Hong Kong is an ideal region with very low tax rate. Hong Kong company is a good choice for overseas investors to carry on business and allocate their profits there compared with their home countries. Hong Kong company formation is a good gateway used to make further investment in other countries such as Greater China, or a good bridge to link to European countries, other Asian countries to manipulate their efficient holding structure to achieve the maximization of benefit in their group and the optimal profit allocation. In conclusion, Hong Kong Company formation to run business is a good choice in many different perspectives


If clients select the overseas company formation with other jurisdictions, please specify the jurisdiction concern such as Samoa, Cayman Islands, Bermuda,,,, for the company formation purpose, please call us at 2344 7803 or email us at:  for assistance. We can provide a value-added company formation service to you. We hope to serve you soon if you seek the assistance of professional experts in this regard.