Company Profile


1. Thomsons CPA & Co. is a certified public accountants (“CPA”) / professional accounting firm, which is also a registered CPA practice unit with HKICPA under S28A of the Professional Accountants Ordinance. We can provide statutory audit services for HK companies incorporated the new Hong Kong Companies (CAP. 622) and also provide different variety of agreed-upon procedures engagement services.

2. Thomsons CPA & Co. is a HK professional accounting firm, which provides the professional accounting services, payrolls services and other accounting related services; prepare the accounting records such as accounting vouchers, accounting financial statements such as balance sheet and income statements, budget forecasting statement, accounting ageing reports for trade debtors, payable accounts and treasury accounts.

3. Thomsons CPA & Co. is an experienced company formation service provider, we provide company formation services such as Hong Kong company formation, offshore companies formation such as BVI company formation, Samoa company formation, Mauritius company formation, Cayman Islands company formation, Bermuda company formation, PRC company formation including WOFE, EJV, OJV, and Representative Offices set-up etc. We have experienced company formation expertise team who has extensive experience to assist clients in company formation matter in different jurisdictions. In most cases, limited Hong Kong company formation and overseas limited company formation are used to protect the interests of the shareholders as well as to achieve different objectives such as tax planning, investment holding purposes. The company formation cost and annual company maintenance cost of Hong Kong company are relatively low in comparison with overseas company in other jurisdictions.

4. Thomsons CPA & Co. is a tax service provider, we provide a wide range of HK tax services, including salaries tax compliance services, company tax compliance services, tax planning services for companies tax planning, individuals tax planning such as HK residents tax planning, expatriates tax planning and working visa application, the tax query answering services and offshore tax claims for trading and service provider industries, offshore tax claims for manufacturing industries, and handling tax investigations and field audit cases services.

5. Thomsons CPA & Co. provides the financial due diligence reviews, tax due diligence, internal audit and risk management services, and the review and limited audit report for the immigration application to Australia.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries and we can provide valued-added services to you.