Company Secretarial Services




Company formation with Limited liability can provide definite advantages to minimize the investment risk. It means the investors will be only liable to pay the amount of paid-up capital invested in the company, but will not lead to unlimited personal liability once the company unfortunately fail. Thus, the company formation with limited liability will suit those companies, which are either engaged in highly risky industries or are so many investors involved. If these businesses are undertaken in overseas countries instead of in local area, the overseas company formation will be more appropriate for investors in the latter case for the tax planning purpose.

We provide tailor-made corporate service for the company formation incorporated in Hong Kong or company formation incorporated in overseas countries:

Limited Company formation incorporated in HK and overseas country includes
(i) The tailor-made company
– the name of the company is by selected by client
(ii) The ready-made off-shelf company formation:
– the name of the company has been previously decided and the client can opt to change it later.

Overseas company formation
Overseas company means the company incorporating in overseas jurisdictions outside Hong Kong like Marshall Islands, British Virgin Islands or other tax heaven countries.


I) Company secretarial services for limited companies:

Our service include: prepare documents for the following events:

  1. Prepare various minutes for resolution, minutes and notices for general meetings and etc;
  2. Transfer of shares, instrument of transfer, allotment of shares,
  3. Alternation or Articles of Association;
  4. Change of shareholders and directors; and
  5. Deregistration of a limited company, etc.

II) Registered Office services for limited companies:

Our office can be hired to be the registered office of the local limited company and which acts as correspondence address, keep registers, collect and send documents for those clients.