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WE provide a powerful, reliable business solution to our clients.


Hong Kong is the southern outlet of China, and where serves as a bridge to bring about international trade between the East and the rest of the world. It is worth noting that many overseas investors appreciate the sound political and legislative system in HK. Accordingly HK can provide a stable business environment for investors and also imposes no restrictions in capital movement. WE are a professional consulting firm which is HK-based, and is specialized in helping company based in PRC, overseas investors who are interested in exploring their businesses in HK as well as the rest of world. We can provide powerful logistics and all business solutions.

In addition, many overseas investors or china-based companies are willing to establish their subsidiaries or branches here due to low profits tax rate. It could reduce the tax burden of the group companies as a whole through the implementation of sophisticated tax planning to shift their business profit towards districts with low tax rates.